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Company ZDOROV – 7 years in the market

The company ZDOROV has started its work in 2011. What did we reach since that moment?


During these 7 years:

  • We have created the unique and absolutely natural as for its own composition product without any harmful components, additions and chemistry.
  • We have started our own production of the apifitoproduction.
  • The used materials pass 3 quality control steps.
  • Our products do not have counterindications except the rare idiocrasy of the honey products.
  • We realize the production in 35 countries. The offices and branch LLC are presented in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Kazakstan. And day by day the number of the partners increases, which indicates the high quality and utility of the production. 


Our purpose

Many years the scientists do researches and try to find the medicine for the age. There is another purpose for us – to battle with the evidence of an ageing appearance and consumption.

The cream-wax ZDOROV is ideal for this purpose. This is really efficient mean against wrinkles, which helps to the women of the wide world to be beautiful and to look younger as they feel.


Basic principles of our work

In our work and in our life we follow the certain rules and we are geared to the following policy:


Each our customer, partner or worker, asked the help, will receive it.


We care of our clients, producing only the certified production.


We respect our nature. The production is made according to all rules and requests of the Quality audit.


We retain any conceptions and we are ready to realize the craziest idea if it is helpful for people.

Skill to listen

We are always happy to know your opinion. You may leave your opinions, gratitudes and wishes on the site or send to our e-mail.


In turn, the cream-wax ZDOROV answers the following criterions:


The cream has a unique composition. The products of the bee production and other natural components are mixed according to the approved formula, which lets to reach the efficacy at struggle with the wrinkles and other marks of the aging and withering skin of the face and neck.

Let’s add that the cream-wax does not have counterindications for the use except the rare idiosyncrasy.


Today we observe the boom of the naturality in everything. After experiments under own appearance, each woman to the full senses the superiority of the natural production under synthetic preparations. The best thing is given to us by the nature. For a reason the absolutely natural brand-name products become day by day more popular.


The effectiveness of the cream ZDOROV against wrinkles is proven by the specialists. It is known about the health properties of the products of the beekeeping for a long time. Precisely because of the use of this cream it is possible to decide at once few problems: deep and expression wrinkles, slack and sagged skin, blurred facial contours, excessive skin dryness.                                                                                                                                               


At the regular and accurate application of our cream the result is warranted. You will forget about your wrinkles and you will enjoy the young and shine
skin for many years.


As you see, the policy and the production of our company answer the highest demands. We hope that you will estimate our wish to make every woman beautiful and happy, and you feel the result.


We will tell you everything about the product, acquaint you with our promotional offers and offer the best price!

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