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Крем от морщин Здоров

Forget about the wrinkles and skin laxity!

28 days of use of the rejuvenating cream-wax against wrinkles “ZDOROV” will “erase” from your face 20 years!

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990 rub

* the result is an individual and depends on the individual survivability

  • It fully smoothes even trenches
  • It eliminates the expression wrinkles around the eyes and lips
  • It is safe, without injections and mezorollers
  • Complex rejuvenation of all skin layers
  • It penetrates in the deep skin layers acting from inside

Cream-wax ZDOROV against wrinkles

It is impossible to stop the time, but to slow the time is enough real. The cream-wax Zdorov,which consists only of natural components, renovates the cloth grain, it prevents appearance of deep porus, dark patches and puffiness in the area of eyes, it reduces the quantity of thin lines, wrinkles and adds to the skin the perfect layout.

Each woman dreams to look youthful and coolly, and it does not depend on how old is she. But nobody wants to get mixed up with operations, difficult cosmetic procedures or chemical materials. And the reason even not in that these operations, generally, cost quite a few. These procedures more often are painful, not always produce the desired results and sometimes even may do harm.

The cream Zdorov against wrinkles consists of natural components by 100 per cents. The properties of each component singularly and also its combined effect just lead to such perfect results.

What does make this cream-wax ZDOROV against wrinkles unique?

The cream Zdorov against wrinkles

The propolis extract, which is an active cream component, is acknowledged among the best natural antioxidants and perfectly protects skin against the negative effect of the ultraviolet. The great number of biological junctions, which depend on the season, bees state, geographic position and other factors is in composition.

It is possible to find there different useful microelements (such as ferrum, chrome, zinc and other), vitamins (E, A, C and other), mineral substances (calcium, magnesium, sulfur), amino acid and flavonoids. Precisely because of the presence of all these components, the propolis possesses of the antitoxic properties, it may prevent appearance of the oedemata and restore the skin cells. As well as the propolis nourishes and tones the skin, it promotes to its regeneration, it battles against different eruptions.

Cream composition against wrinkles ZDOROV

Also, there are in the cream composition other bee-keeping products and all possible natural components, which thanks to its own properties restore the soft tissues, prevent the skin dehydration, stimulate the blood circulation, add to the skin the cutaneous elasticity and the elasticity, and also protect it against the influence of the adverse factors of the external environment. The cream Zdorov is, perhaps, the easiest way to eliminate the black eyes, puffy swelling and eye-around wrinkles.

The wrinkle cream of the Zdorov company is great to use on any skin type. It is recommended to use with complex anti-aging skin care. The cream wax is applied during the everyday hygienic procedures on the clean down and thirsty skin by the thin layer inworking it with light and massage movements before the full absorption.

Effect due to the use of the wrinkles cream ZDOROV

The regular use of our cream leads to the disappearance of the skin dryness and sweatiness, it releases from the acne and exfoliation, it unwrinkles. Just in one month of the daily use you will definitely notice the significant changes – the glow of health on your face will appear and your skin will get the brand new look, you will look younger.

Do you want to recover from the wrinkles, acne, microfissures and exfoliation forever? Do you dream that your skin breathes and looks young, beautiful and well-tended? Order the cream-wax Zdorov right now on our website.

* the result is an individual and depends on the individual survivability


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